Health & Fitness
While the air temperature and humidity might not reflect it, summer is coming to an end. What is, for kids, the saddest time of year, can be seen by adults as a much needed return to sanity, schedule, and predictability. Glorious as summer vacation is, the combination of travel, parties, and out of town visitors can leave your schedule in shambles, especially where health and fitness are concerned.

As fall starts and your children return to school, reorienting themselves toward academics and afterschool activities, it is a great time for you to do a little reorienting of your own. Instead of “back to school” time, make fall “back to you” time. Now is a perfect opportunity to make health and fitness regularly scheduled programming in your life.

What’s more important than your health?
When it comes to fitness, the most successful people are neither those who regularly engage in fad diets, nor those who develop a fast and furious addiction to the gym. Instead, those who make and keep fitness as a priority by carving out scheduled time for exercise and following through on the commitment experience much more success in reaching their personal health and fitness goals. Pull out your calendar and look at the appointments you have. Dentist appointments, doctor visits, kids’ practices and games, work functions: all important things you have committed to and will try your very best not to miss. Now ask yourself, how many of those things are more important than your health? How many of those things are more important than keeping your body in the best shape it can be so you can do all those things in the first place? If these other commitments are important enough to make their way onto your calendar, your body too should hold a sacred place in your calendar too.

Take a few minutes to think about a goal you have for fitness. It can be big or small, something externally visible or internally felt (often these goals are both). With that goal in mind, carve out time to make it happen. Write it on your calendar and make it a non-negotiable appointment you must keep with yourself. Then follow through with your commitment and don’t apologize for it. You do so much for others, and you deserve to do something for yourself. After all, you cannot very well take care of others if you have not taken care of yourself.

While it may be tough at first, as life always finds a way to intrude, remember how important that commitment is. There will never be an ideal time without distractions in your life to get and stay fit. Even if you don’t start to see your goal being accomplished at first, keep at it. Remember why you first started, remember the goal, and know you are closer to it now than you were at the onset. As you make this fall your season of “back to you,” never lose sight of the fact that continuity and commitment are your biggest allies in seeing your goal made a reality.