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7,250-yard Tournament Golf Course

Governors Towne Club’s dramatic elevation changes, cascading creeks and our dedication to preserving the environment influenced the strategic design of each hole.


The Course

High flashed white sand in the bunkers enhances the striking aesthetic quality of our tournament grade presentation. Golf holes are flanked by a majestic forest of giant hardwoods and pines, 2 to 4 feet in diameter, isolating the natural beauty and graceful course topography while creating one of Atlanta’s purest golf experiences. Variety is the strength of the course, and the playability is intended to appeal to golfers of all skill levels and ages. Various hole lengths and pars and the changing contours of the site make club selection vary for each hole. Strength of character, diversity and superior tournament conditioning distinguish Governors Towne Club as one of Georgia’s most exciting and memorable golf experiences.



Governors Towne Club also offers an expansive practice area ideal for working on all facets of your game. Large elevated teeing areas are provided as well as a short iron area where exact yardage can be practiced to bunkers placed on the range. Putting and bunkered chipping greens provide practice for the short game.

The Golf Course at Governors Towne Club,
A Player’s Course

Hole 1: Par 4 yardages | Tournament 434 | Champion 380| Member 352 | Forward 321

The course makes an exciting start with a large downhill tee shot to a plateau fairway, guarded on the right by a single bunker. The fairway narrows past the plateau down into a lower swale, creating a more exacting tee shot for the long hitters. The green is benched into the counter slope, with bunkers cut in short, left and right of the green. Shots played over the green will find a closely mowed area, creating interesting chipping options.

Hole 2: Par 5 yardages | Tournament 502 | Champion 488 | Member 470 | Forward 360

This short par 5 is, for the better players, quite enticing and very reachable. The tee shot plays slightly downhill to an elevated fairway pinched by large bunkers. The fairway drops just past the bunkers, allowing well placed tee shots some 20-30 extra yards of roll. The green is perched on a knob high above a dry creek that crosses the fairway just past the second landing area. Deep bunkers punish shots short and left of the green as well as two bunkers which catch bail out shots to the right. This coupled with the smallish green, makes going for the green in two treacherous.

Hole 3: Par 3 yardages | Tournament 224 | Champion 198 | Member 170 | Forward 146

This very demanding par 3 requires a well struck shot that carries a creek and buffer area to a large green, elevated 14’ above the creek bed. A small chipping area separates the rolling putting surface from bunkers cut into the long slope behind the green. The key is getting on the green and once there, two putting for par.

Hole 4: Par 4 yardages | Tournament 430 | Champion 416 | Member 380 | Forward 336

The tee shot plays downhill to a sweeping fairway that turns left around a long bunker benched into the slope that falls to the creek below. A speed slot in the fairway near the bunker affords well placed tee shots additional roll and greatly shortens the second shot.

The approach must carry the same winding creek that fronts #3. The three-tiered green is notched into the hillside high above the creek, with a pair of bunkers from right perched above a natural rock outcropping.  A very dramatic green setting and challenging hole.

Hole 5: Par 4 yardages | Tournament 444 | Champion 376 | Member 358 | Forward 318

Probably the most gentle par 4 on the course with regard to terrain, it plays slightly uphill off the tee to a fairway framed by large hardwoods. A bunker on the left, well past the landing area, dictates the preferred line of play. The green, which opens from the left, is fronted on the right by a large bunker, while framing bunkers protect the back left. A ridge running through the green divides the putting surface in two and creates some delicate lag putts.

Hole 6: Par 4 Yardages | Tournament 472 | Champion 410 | Member 378 | Forward 352

A very demanding hole both in length and accuracy, the elevated fairway turns to the right around a pair of bunkers that should be avoided at all costs. The rolling fairway dips past the landing area then climbs gently to the green, where a small pond on the left and a deep swale on the right create a narrow approach. The putting surface, which is wider than it is deep, slopes continually from left to right. A lone back bunker and depressed swales surround the green.

Hole 7: Par 5 Yardages | Tournament 552 | Champion 530 | Member 496 | Forward 444

From elevated tees, the tee shot plays across a natural creek bed to a wide expansive fairway twisting around dynamic contouring. Bunkers border the upper part of the fairway, which offers the best view of the green and second landing area. The lower section has more sloping contours and less visibility. Lay-up shots played close to the single bunkers on the right are rewarded with the best angle into the green.

The approach shot is across another natural creek to a narrow green angled to the left. Three bunkers along the right side and a drop off on the left made the green play even narrower. The putting surface drains in many directions creating some rolling contours and wonderful pin placements. Putting from front to back will be quite challenge.

Hole 8: Par 4 Yardages | Tournament 468 | Champion 442 | Member 338 | Forward 314

This is another demanding par 4, playing gently uphill into an amphitheater green setting. The fairway is straight away with a large drop off on the right, narrowing past the landing area from a large oak tree that pinches in from the left.

Bunkers short of the green frame the approach but still allow the option of run-up shots. Closely mowed areas surround the large but uncomplicated putting surface.

Hole 9: Par 3 Yardages | Tournament 228 | Champion 192 | Member 170 | Forward 106

A spectacular par three. From the elevated tees set into the ridgeline, the shot plays across a large body of water that encompasses the entire left side of the hole. A rock feature forms an upper pond along the green and produces waterfalls to the large pond below.

A small fairway along the water allows opportunities for safety. The green opens from the right with bunkers placed front left and back right. A very dramatic and memorable finish to a strong front nine.

Hole 10: Par 4 Yardages | Tournament 290 | Champion 271 | Member 230 | Forward 210

A classic drivable par four. Reaching the green requires the tee shot to carry a gaping bunker forty yards short of and directly in line with the green. Playing safely to the right of the bunker forces a more difficult approach to a shallow green, fronted on the right by a deep bunker.

The putting surface horseshoes around a “valley of sin” that will be the demise of any shots that end up on the wrong portion of the green. A true risk/reward hole that will produce a lot of excitement.

Hole 11: Par 3 Yardages | Tournament 202 | Champion 180 | Member 176 | Forward 81

From tees behind the tenth green benched high above the creek below, the shot plays across the ravine to a green set into the adjacent slope surrounded by mature pines. The wide green has bunkers placed front left and right and requires an accurate shot to the proper level.

Hole 12: Par 4 Yardages | Tournament 368 | Champion 345 | Member 318 | Forward 284

The tee shot on this short par four is semi-blind to a fairway that folds over a crest and turns slightly to the right around a lone bunker. Past the landing area, the fairway drops down into a swale and around a small pond on the left before climbing back up to the green. Bunkers to the right of the green catch cautious shots played away from the water. The green is angled to the left and offers the best approach played from close to the fairway bunker.

Hole 13: Par 4 Yardages | Tournament 428 | Champion 417 | Member 376 | Forward 287

A very interesting tee shot, it plays off a knob through a shoot of trees over a natural creek to a narrow fairway made more intimidating by the steep drop off on the left. A single bunker is positioned on the left while a series of bunkers cross the fairway diagonally from the right past the landing area up to the green. The bunkers short of the green are used to diffuse the ability to judge the distance.

The twisting green angles to the right and is hidden from view by the bunkers at the right side of the fairway. The drop off behind the green makes club selection a careful consideration.

Hole 14: Par 3 Yardages | Tournament 181 | Champion 159 | Member 139 | Forward 115

This par three will play shorter than on the card because of the downhill drop from the tee. The green sits across a creek and is guarded on the front left and back right with bunkers. This coupled with the small putting surface puts a premium on accuracy.

Hole 15: Par 4 Yardages | Tournament 445 | Champion 421 | Member 389 | Forward 257

Like the eighth, the entire hole is visible from the tee. The tee shot requires a carry over a creek that crosses in front to the fairway from left to right. Favoring the right side offers a better view of the elevated green. Bunkers staggered on both sides of the approach create a great visual effect as the fairway climbs between them. The putting surface is sloped sharply from the back which helps hold approaches but makes putting quite challenging.

Hole 16: Par 5 Yardages | Tournament 531 | Champion 508 | Member 458 | Forward 377

The first of back to back par fives, a wide creek bed separates the tees from the start of the fairway which slopes left to right. The downhill second shot will make it tempting to reach in two. The green is fronted by a cluster of bunkers and sits against a pond on the right. The lay-up is wider on the right but also forces the water more in play. The strategic and aesthetic quality of this hole is outstanding.

Hole 17: Par 5 Yardages | Tournament 589 | Champion 570 | Member 530 | Forward 428

The opposite of the sixteenth hole in length, this par five is virtually unreachable in two shots. The hole plays downhill off the tee to a fairway that slopes away from the shot that will propel the ball forward for some much needed additional roll. The second landing area lies across an open swale and slopes from left to right. An elongated bunker benched along the right slop above a creek bed extends to the green. The green slops to the back and is best approached with a short iron. A likely candidate for most difficult hole on the property.

Hole 18: Par 4 Yardages | Tournament 462 | Champion 429 | Member 374 | Forward 264

The finishing hole is a fairly substantial uphill tee shot across a natural area and creek to a generous landing area. A slope borders the right side and will help turn balls back into the fairway. From the crest of the hill the green appears, sitting above a creek bed and below a slope that leads up to the clubhouse. Bunkers along the front of the green add to the composition of the setting. This is a spectacular finish to a remarkable course.



I wanted to personally thank you for the great job you and your staffs did for our initial Miami University golf outing. Everything was first class, the course looked great, the food and service was impeccable.

Governors Towne Club made a huge impression on my guests, including the Athletic Director for the Miami University. We are hoping to make this an annual, and much bigger, event in the future. Again, thank you very much for a job well done. 


Thank you SO much for all of your help to make the tournament so successful. We heard nothing but rave reviews from all the golfers! Our golf committee is planning a follow-up meeting in October, so don’t be surprised if you hear back from me early next month to lock in a date for next year!

Thanks again for everything! You – and all the GTC staff - are a pleasure to work with!



The Cops and Kids Golf Tournament was a great success due to the help and consideration of Seana and the staff of Governors Towne Club. Our players loved the course and the way it was set up. The food services were great as well. We were able to provide Christmas presents to kids who couldn’t afford them as well as a donation to kids who could not afford school luncheons because of the great event at Governors Towne Club.

We are looking forward to September 14th, 2020 for our next Cops and Kids Golf Tournament